Thursday, January 6, 2011

Facebook Games Update

the newest game from Zynga is CityVille. i've just started last week. pretty easy to play & don't really need much time except when visiting neighbours. i don't really care much about their preferences as i do what i like whenever i feel like it. so basically sending tour buses most of the times or when i'm in need of goods, i'll harvest their crops. well, depends of my mood...

i rarely collect rents from my own town unless the goals need me to do it. most of the time my neighbours have done all the jobs for me. thank you so much, my wonderful neighbours! :D i buy goods from Charlieville (the 300 goods cost 1200 coins by train) to supply my businesses when i'm actively playing. seeding & sending boats when i'm about to off. to me, CityVille is indeed fun & enjoyable to play. it doesn't require much from me. so maybe i'll be playing it daily for a while.

what i don't like is the franchising business. most of them that i've accepted their franchises don't even open up an empty lot for me & they even apply for another franchise. i find that very irritating. i mean i've accepted you once, stop being greedy! after all, the max i can accept is 20, not more or less. don't believe me? then ask Amalia!

Q: What is the max number of franchises neighbors can place in my city?

A: 20

*Note: If you currently have more than 20 you will have to remove enough franchises to be under 20 in order to add another franchise. You may have to refresh the game once you are under 20 franchises. - Amalia

i haven't declined or deleted anyone yet because there are still many problems unsolved. as soon as i've confirmed that they won't lose anything if declined or deleted & it won't appear in their HQ as pending whatsoever, i'll start declining & deleting the rest. it's my city, so it's my choice when i want to do it.

as for FarmVille, i've stop playing (again) for weeks. i think i've quit FarmVille quite a few times mostly because i'm bored. i don't like all of their spamming feature. i may have to block it for good sooner or later. i don't understand why some people like sending stuffs to those who never responded to their requests. i mean when i never send anything back, that means i don't want anything or i may have stop playing but i guess some people are either too kind or too hopeful... & they'll say, if you don't like it, then block it. well, don't worry! i'll be doing that soon...

as for Cafe World, i still play this stupid game. yes, i know. if it's stupid, i should've stop playing for good. but i guess i still can't let it go yet...

as for Mob Wars, i'm taking a long break. haven't login for weeks as i'm bored with something... can't really tell what but it's there. will be back if i really miss it...

as for FishVille, i've blocked it twice simply because i can't even login to the game. it's stuck. i can't accept gift, can't use it or sold it. so the best solution to an irritating game is blocked... i don't have to entertain to all the requests anymore although it isn't as much as FarmVille & Cafe World.

as for PetVille, well nothing much to do. nothing new. all the same boring thing. which is why i rarely login to the game. most of the time, just trying to give back what others gave me, feed & clean my pet, then off...

Sorority Life, this is yet another boring game (to me). the reason why i spend less & less time in it.

i still play MouseHunt, Fish Wrangler, Ghost Trappers & FriendStock simply because these four games don't need me to bug others...

as for other games, most of the time, i'm ignoring all gifts & hoping nobody's going to send me anything anymore but they still send it. don't they get the hint at all? don't they feel tired of sending & never get anything back? some games i play regularly but some i rarely touch anymore. i haven't block those games simply because i may be playing it again in the future. i don't like playing games whenever i feel like i'm doing chores instead of enjoying it. it was supposed to ease my mind not burden it.

anyway, happy playing to all gamers! & to the rest of my Facebook family & friends, have a happy day with your loved ones! :) take care! ;)

p/s :- yes, i know this post is long. so what? :P read if you want. who cares anyway?


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