Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jacksonville Woman Who Shook Baby For Interrupting FarmVille

read the whole story at More information on Jacksonville woman who shook baby for interrupting FarmVille.

when i first read this, i'm kinda shock. i mean she should've took care of her baby first before continue playing games. i mean that poor baby knows nothing. when he cries, she should've stop whatever she was doing & look after the baby first whether he's hungry, sick or whatsoever.

common sense; your can tend to your FarmVille crop anytime. eventhough if it's wither, you can still unwither it or just plow & replant your crop again. my point is the game can wait. the crop can replant. what about the baby boy? he will never comes back from his death. NEVER!

lessons of the day :-

1. be a responsible person no matter who you're
2. get help if you can't handle anything by yourself
3. what matters most? your real life or virtual life?
4. think twice before you attempt to do anything stupid which you might be regretting later...

p/s :- these lessons are for me. they may not suits you at all...


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