Saturday, October 16, 2010


i'm sharing my improvement with 1 of my best buddies; Ria as only she knows most of my problems & she's 1 of the most understandable & trustable buddy. :) no offend to the rest as this is trivial woman's thing. :P i do hope i can be the old me; the 1 with no worries. it's still far but i'm sure i'm gonna make it. gotta keep on positive thinking & throw away all the negatives. :D

guess what? i've no more cravings! yay me! & i lost few kilos. (sorry can't disclosed the exact figure :P) i'm so happy. Mary's happy too. she added 2 things in my normal plan. so now i've 2 choices; the usual 1 or those 2. great! :D

see you again on next Saturday, Mary! ;)


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