Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Comes & Goes

i've lost yet another friend. i don't even know why she dumped me. first she ignored all my messages. then she never answered my call. even when she did, she always had something to do & when she promised to call back, well she never did. i've done my best to follow whatever rules she set & still she dumped me. great!

i guess there are less true friendship nowadays. i hardly found those who really appreciate me & my friendship. most of them only needs me when they needs something from me. once they've done with me, they just dumped me for good. that's life...

i can accept them with all their annoyingness but i don't think i've ever received the same from them. i can understand them but they don't even wanna try to understand me. i think enough is enough.

from now on, i won't push myself to understand others anymore. do you really care about me as much as i care about you? i don't think so! so if you need me, you know my number. don't miss call me coz i won't call you back. you wanna talk, then talk. if not, then don't call me. it seems that you only remember me when you're in trouble, depress, lonely, etc but you don't even remember me when you're out of your so called misery. if you don't need me, well i don't need you too. go & cling to other people & stop coming to me when you have problems with someone else. i don't wanna know. i've my own problems & you never even bother to ask me about it. so yeah, bye bye!


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