Friday, January 22, 2010

I Hate Beggars!!!

yes, i do hate them. why? you ask me why? well, they're the most laziest person on earth. they can do a lot of things to earn money but they choose to beg. so isn't that proof that they're just lazy?

no matter in real life or virtual life, beggars do exist. this kind of people, i just hate them. seriously hate them. i do not lead a wealthy life like others but i never beg for other people's money, food, clothes, etc. in fact i feel ashamed if i have to beg others for my needs. you get what i mean, right?

so why do this people exist? personally i just don't care. if you have two hands & two legs, you certainly can make a good use of them instead of just sitting around & beg, don't you? i know i do. even if you don't have hands & legs, you still can do other things with your mouth or shoulders. don't say you can't coz i've seen many unfortunate people who knows how to make a living by not begging. if they can do it, then why can't you?

the same goes to gamers. if you have time to play games, then earn what you need yourself & stop begging me. i never beg others, so just stop begging. you'll just annoyed me to the max. seriously i won't even bothered replying to your begging needs. if i can earn it, then why can't you? so what if you have 10k after buying the things you need to progress in the game? so what? why should i be giving you my money? it doesn't really matter if i have millions, i earn it all by myself. in fact, i have my own plan on what i want to do with it. so it's my right if i don't want to give it to you. i earn it by playing the game. so if you want more money, then do like the rest of us, play the game!!! call me stingy, i don't care. it's my money & you definitely have nothing to do with it. so earn it. go to where you can earn fast. forget all the quests. if you want money, then go & earn it. things don't come in easy way. you want it, then earn it! if you want tips, i can give you a lot of tips but if you want my money, then you can just go to hell!


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