Sunday, December 21, 2008

sorry for all the troubles & thanks for everything!

to all my friends & family in virtual world especially in Facebook,

thank you so much for all the support you've given me. i really appreciate it. however, i've a very bad news... i've lost my internet connection since 2.30 pm on Wednesday 17th December 2008 due to the whole block cable phone line has been cut & stole by a culprit. when this incident happened, nobody else notice it except me. nobody else using internet except me. i've contacted the telecommunications company asking about when my phone line & my internet line will be restored. unfortunately they said, since the cable that were stolen are not an underground cable installed by them but a building cable installed by the constructions company, they have nothing to do about it & can't/won't do anything about it. it's all up to the maintenance to do all the installation, wiring, reconstruct & whatsoever. i've asked the maintenance when they're going to install everything back to normal, they're putting it on hold & can't tell when exactly they'll start all the reconstructions.

so, my point is... i won't be able to online for a very long time until the maintenance people fixed the whole block phone lines. i'm at the nearest cyber cafe (cc) at the moment but not for long. maybe 2 hours... before my time ends... i miss my friends & my games in FB so much! but there isn't much i can do about it... -_-

i'm sorry for not being able to return back all the favours like i've used to but i'll try my best when i'm able to do so. if you owned me in any games & don't want to hold me any longer, please just sell me. i'm however won't sell anyone... i won't hold any grudges whatsoever. any other games that i should've returned the favour by adding citizens, happiness, etc; please leave a message on my wall. i'll returned the favour when i get my connections or when i can afford to go to any cc; whichever comes first... to my hunting buddies in other games, i'm so sorry for not being able to hunt together with you. & the rest of you for being a friend (virtually & reality), thanks for everything & sorry for all the troubles i've caused you. only God can repay your kindness.


p/s :- pls don't send anything to my inbox until i get back my connections. if you've anything to say, just post here or to my wall or in any apps wall that i've installed. thank you so much for understanding! :) may God bless you! ;)


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