Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Brother's Wedding; Diqi & Nurul

nothing much to say actually... i followed Izman & Ria to Parit Raja fetching my hubby at his work place & straight went to Bandar Tenggara for a night stay. we were kinda lost... so have to wait for Diqi to come & showed us the way. it was quite late when we arrived at the home stay. so straight away ironing clothes for tomorrow's occasion before we went to bed.

in the morning, the akad nikah ceremony was held at Nurul's house & in the evening the wedding celebration was held at the community's hall. i forgot to look at the hall's name... :P so not really sure what it's called. anyway, after seeing all the silat & kompang presentations, we eat & went back to the home stay to pack our belongings. we went to Danga Bay's Festive Street Mall for a sight seeing, buy what we want & eat a little before going back to KL.

me & hubby
Man & Ria
Diqi & Nurul
Danga Bay Festive Street Mall
i wanna thanks Izman for willing to take me, hubby & Ria to my brother's wedding. it was his first long driving journey & i know he was a bit nervous. but nevertheless it was a fun & an enjoyable trip. thank you so much, Man! thanks a lot, Ria! & arigatou, anata! :)


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