Friday, July 25, 2008

Friends For Sale My Way

well, if you join Facebook, you'll probably know Friends For Sale (ffs). it's one of the most popular 'buy & sell' applications in Facebook. i login almost every single day to either get my login bonus, invites bonus, buying & selling pets, chat, poke, etc.

i can't really remember when i first started to play this game but i know it's somewhere early this year. so many people keeps asking me in private (inbox) on how i gain so much money & expensive at the same time. they even ask me how do i play this game? well, there's absolutely no secret in the way i play. i play like everyone else of course maybe slightly different. lol!

to get more money is kind of easy but i'm a bit lazy to search & hunt nowadays. haha!

well first, if you can find two people or a group who always buy back each others, offer them your help if you have the money & if they have good transactions history (always buying each others back). this is like a gamble. if they're nice people, they'll always buy each others back so you'll make more money. these kind of people normally don't care about their money, they only care about their value. find those people & you'll earn more money. but there's always a risk like any other game. be prepared to keep them if for some unknown reasons, they don't want to buy each others back. that's the risk.

second, try to respond to those who post on your wall. see if they're active. if you're just like me (dare to take risk), buy them after checking their history. most important thing like my first post, be prepared to keep them if they are unsellable. of course everyone wants a quick profits, so buy those who like to get themself sold, within your budget & you're willing to keep even if they don't sell fast like you think they should.

third, get a partner, friends, group or whatever people called that. make a commitment to always help them first before anyone else. you'll gain their trusts, they'll always try to help you back in either increasing your money or your value.

forth, if you're not lazy like me (yea, i'm lazy :P) always login every 4 hours to get 10k. max 60k per day. if you're lazy like me, then login either once or twice a day. that's 10k or 20k. not much but still free money.

fifth, use your invites every day. the amount changes every single day. use it every day. it's worth it. max invites amount so far is 80k & the minimum is 40k. free money is always worth it.

sixth, if you really want to raise your value, find a partner or permanent owner. this is the hardest part of the game but you'll find one along your way. for a start, maybe ask your real life friends (family members, bestfriends, relatives, etc) to play along with you. teach them & help them. make them addicted. if they don't want to make you their permanent owner, well at least you have a partner that will always want to either make money or increasing their value. they'll probaly ask for your help since you're the one who introduced them to ffs. so more money for you if they find their own permanent owner.

last but not least (actually can't think of anything more at the moment :P i'll tell you later if it comes to my mind ;)), beware of scammers. scammers are everywhere. find them on moderators profile. there are well-known scammers everywhere. if you think they're trying to scam you, don't offer any help. don't buy anyone of them or their pets coz you gonna stuck with unsellable expensive pets probably forever.

how to find pets? well, easy too. search at the ffs board & wall. there'll always someone wants to be bought everyday. if they're within your price range, buy them. if not, then check out your friends list or your network lists. browse strangers profile, read their wall. maybe you'll find something.

in conclusion, the safest way to play is play among your friends or trusted people. they normally will not cheat or try to scam you. but of course like i said before, there's a risk in everything. the choice is yours! ;)

hope that'll help! :) if you like my way, then go to my ffs profile & wishlist me! lol! have a nice day!


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