Monday, July 28, 2008

Accusations + Assumptions = Ignore + Move On

sometimes we don't have to explain ourself to certain people coz if they are the kind of those who like to assume & accuse anyone without even thinking & get to know those whom they accused & assumed, they'll keep on doing that no matter how hard we tried to tell them... we know ourselves better than anyone else eventhough we're not perfect or not exactly like what others predicted, just be happy & don't think a lot about it. those who understand will understand, those who don't; either tell them so that they'll at least try to understand or just ignore them. there are still many other people who are not as typical minded as those who like to act without thinking. but well, that's life... sometimes things just don't go the way we want it to be...

anyway in general... it's hard to pleased everyone in the world no matter how hard we try. so instead of getting upset, just forget what they said & move on. what i mean is sometimes we need to forget about the rude people & be happy with those who appreciate us. to be happy is the most important thing in life. when you're happy, everything will gonna be alright in the end...

nobody's perfect & i know i'm not perfect as well... but practice makes thing perfect even it's not as perfect as others think it is. ok, forget what i've said. :D me & my stupid thoughts. haha!


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