Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Grandmother Passed Away

I lost my grandmother yesterday. She passed away at 1.15 pm. I wasn't there when she died & her funeral... -_-

I had to wait my brother came from work to pick me & my hubby (& his son). We arrived at my auntie's house around 7pm. All the men were already at the mosque nearby. The women & kids were left at home.

I cried the whole night... I don't have anymore grandparents. Both my grandparents (my mother's & father's sides) have passed away. I feel so sad... -_-

I do hope they were all rest in peace...

I'm still sad but I'm not gonna cry again coz I've cried the whole night... I'm ok now. I'm taking everyone's advice; life must go on. I'll be strong again... I'll always treasure all the wonderful memories I had with her & I'll never forget her.

Opah, I love you! May you rest in peace!


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