Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm Back!

Yay! I just got back but I'm so tired. I'll read & reply to my friends messages then maybe I'll off to bed.

The engangement went smoothly. My brother will probably getting married on 26th November. Still not confirm. Me & hubby met with our old friend at Festive Street Mall near Danga Bay. Last seen him on his wedding day 6 years back but can't talk long coz his wife had just gave birth to his third child. There's so much to talk but so little time. Hope we can meet him again next time! :)

Yesterday after going to the wedding feast, we rushed back to Kajang, picked up whatever left behind at Pantai Dalam & Amcorp Mall, we went to my auntie's house at Sri Andalas, Klang. Eat again (my autie loves to cook a lot of foods whenever my family came over to her house) then we went to my other auntie's house at Meru. My grandmother is very very ill. She's very old too... -_-


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