Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nina Has Gone Mad on Fighter's Club

I have decided to quit Fighter's Club on 30th January 2008 after having a heavy discussion with my hubby and friends... Most of my friends knows about it. But I guess I'm wrong. Read what Nina wrote on her wall...


Nina Karina wrote
at 5:30pm on January 31st, 2008

to whom i've already deleted,

ok, i am angry! really angry!

you can always fight those who does not use the fighter's club application right? why must you picked on those who have been supporting you all the time?

ok, i'm sorry for getting mad at you. but i think before you fight those who support you or those who had fighter's club application installed, you should at least send them a message & ask them wether they agree to fight you or not. i'm sure most of them will give you 'your support fight' if you ask them nicely.

fight those whom you see actively fighting with a person (not a bank or a support fighter). most of your supporters are just plainly supporter not a fighter. they probably hope when they support you, you won't picked a fight at them but i guess they are all wrong.

i've always respected you before but now i've already lost my respect to you! good bye! don't add me again, i won't bother to add you!

enough said!!


I didn't bother about FC after giving out 10 support fights. So I don't really care who fought me after I left. I understand her feelings but they didn't fight her; they fight me. I am the one who should be angry about those fights not her. But since I already quit, why should I bother?

So I told Nina, she shouldn't get mad at all those people. After all, all those who fight me are my friends. So lets just forget about it, okay?


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