Friday, January 14, 2005

Hoohaa = Wandi

I'm so tired... Really really tired. Just come back from Sunway Pyramid actually.

Guess who I've met? My ex-leader in Iris before the server splits. Have you heard of Ultima? Nop? Then you must be playing RO recently only. Coz Ultima had been disbanded for a long long time.

Hoohaa was my leader. That time Ultima had 7 branch. Our Ultima is the 2nd branch. The 1st Ultima was not so active. People that day thought our Ultima was the 1st Ultima. We leveling almost everyday; day & night. BTW, I'm the lowest level in the guild. Haha! Old time story...

Anyway although he choose to play in Iris 1 follow his real life friends while me stay in Iris II follow my guildmates, we both still keep in touch through sms & yahoo messenger. Yea, we do keep in touch... Only the time not right for us to meet each other in real life.

Who's Hoohaa? Sweet nice guy who studied in MMU. What course he takes? Well, I don't know... Don't ask me coz I don't know. Really! Haha!

After meeting him, he looks smaller than the last picture I saw. Not so tall. Skinny... Did I just said that? Yes, Hoohaa is skinny. I mean; thin. And cute good looking guy. I still can't believe he's still single. Quite shy. Maybe because of 1st time met. But who knows maybe he's really a shy guy...

Who else at Pyramid? My hubby & my bestfriend, Faril. All of us met & chit chat for a few hours before he send us home. Faril stayed here, he sleep here tonight. As usual; chatting with his Yahoo buddies...


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